Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Weigh-in 4

-0.2 kg = not enough to get excited about. 

It doesn't help that I somehow managed to mess up my weight record on Rosemary Conley so that it's not even counting the 2 lbs I lost initially. 

Ah well, I am officially less than 10st. Only by about 3ozs but still I'm there before we go on holiday on Thursday. A week of eating a lot and not doing much will send me shooting back up I'm sure. Isn't it unfair how quickly weight goes on compared with how slowly it comes off?

On the plus side, yesterday in fitness class in the YM I was watching myself in the mirrors that line the walls. 'Hey, I'm looking pretty good,' I thought.

Obviously the thought won't linger for long as when I sit down and my tummy cuddles up with my boobs I soon remember.

It hasn't been a good week though as I've already gone into the holiday mind frame and I'm using oil to cook - well it makes things taste better than the spray oil - and not being sparing with my plate when I dish up. 

But again, on the plus side, I didn't add cheese to my dinner last night even though Husband who thought my sweet potato, spinach and chickpea bake was bland, brought it to the table.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Two very bad days!

A family barbecue and a party so have eaten far too much of the wrong stuff! 

Back to seriousness today. But that got off to a bad start when I discovered we didn't have enough milk for my weetabix so had to have toast and marmalade. But I didn't have a thick layer of butter ...

I'll get some milk and have weetabix for lunch. And as we don't have any food left in the house dinner will be meagre. that's the plan anyway.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Weigh-in 3

Another measly pound. Almost. Two weeks of dieting and I've lost nearly 2 pounds. 

I suppose it's better than nothing. And I've not been really strict. 

One more week until our holiday. 


Sunday, 7 May 2017

And this week's failures

Thursday was okayish. I think. A little teeny piece of chocolate may have come my way, possibly. Friday too. Oh, no, wait.

Friday I had lunch at Daughter's and she'd made a yummy pea and pecorino quiche and bread. Would have been rude not to eat it.

Saturday we were invited to younger Son and Nuora's for dinner. Delicious Chinese chicken and stir fried veg and noodles. Plus a slice of the cake I was trying out.
White chocolate and blueberry with a cheesecake topping. Hardly any calories really.

Today was going well ... until I realised the dish I'd planned - and was trying for the first time - would be much too small for Husband's appetite so i had to make chips as well. I just had to. But I didn't eat many. Not really.

Think I will have to accept the fact that I won't lose weight this week. 

Must try harder. Holidays in ten days.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tomorrow is another day

Yesterday it was a a slice of birthday cake in Zac's; today it was pavlova plus a slice if lemon tart for GrandDaughter2's birthday.

Life conspires against me and my diet. I am convinced of it.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

And so begins week 2

Week 1 weight loss = 1 lb.

Yes, you read that right. One measly pound. Yes, I know I had a few lapses but still ...

I blame Heather and James for feeding us so well last night. 

Onwards and upwards. At least I didn't gain weight.

Monday, 1 May 2017


Days 5 and 6 moderate success i.e. only minor fails. Day 7 however ...
The only positive is that the hot chocolate isn't mine!

Back on the wagon today. Except we're going out to friends' for dinner this evening ...

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Day 4 FAIL 4

Today at lunchtime in Zac's women's group I resisted:
having more than two small slices of bread;
proper mayonnaise.

I failed to resist 2 welshcakes. Not even ordinary welshcakes but split and spread with jam. I blame the police. (The cakes were leftovers from a police 'do''.)

Tonight I am not having potato with my sausages (2 low-fat) and baked beans. 

Whether I will survive the evening is another question.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Day 3 beginning with Day 2's FAIL

I was weak. I ate a piece of birthday cake. Incidentally one man asked how I managed to make cake so light and another said it was the best sponge cake he'd ever had. (That may be an exaggeration; he might have said best sponge he'd had for ages.) But it was only a small piece.

Today ... um, 3 smarties plus some bits of meringue when I was making dinner. Making dinner is one of my worst times of day. I always feel the need to pick at food when I'm cooking. Not necessarily the raw food I'm preparing but maybe a small lump of cheese  and, yes, I know there's no such thing as a small lump of cheese, or a handful of crunchy nut flakes. Or two handfuls. 

Oh yes, and I tried my first Mug Shot today, the cheese and broccoli one. It was surprisingly edible. But not much of it.

Thinking about food a lot.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Day 1 FAIL!

But it wasn't my fault! (So said every would-be slimmer ever.)

But it really wasn't. 

I decided to make the Rosemary Conley recipe of the week, which was salmon with watercress sauce - except I didn't have watercress - and the photo on the website showed it served with potatoes. So I assumed, naturally enough I think, that I could eat potatoes with it.

Turned out, when I read the recipe properly, I was supposed to have a green salad with it, not potatoes. But it was too late then; I'd already cooked , well, bought the potatoes so I was committed. 

And it didn't taste as bad as I expected.

Day 2 and the plus is that, after spending most of the day hunched over my computer, I took myself and George off for a walk. It was George's second of the day and he was none too impressed.

Day 2 and the negative is that I made birthday cake and some of the smarties just happened to jump into my mouth. And I have to try and resist eating any this evening. 

I'm not really following an online slimming plan but remembering what I did previously when I went to RC classes. The first two weeks are pretty strict; I think it's an attempt to shock my body into reacting by shedding pounds. 

Also although I'm using this Flora spray oil (1 spray = 3 calories) I suspect their idea of a spray is slightly shorter than mine.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Rosemary Conley here I come

We've just spent a weekend in a hotel. Now I don't know if the mirror in the hotel was one of those funny ones - that's what I'm hoping - but I felt hideously fat. Now I know I'm not actually hideously fat but I feel much better when I weigh about a stone less than at present so today I signed up for a Rosemary Conley online slimming course!

I did RC classes a few years ago and was successful at losing weight but they weren't online, we had a brilliant and fun teacher in Cherie, and included an exercise session, so I don't know how well I'll do with this. It's mainly the incentive value: I've paid for the quarter so I should jolly well make sure I lose weight.

Hence my shopping list for Sainsburys this morning included very low fat cheese spread, very low fat sausages and two packets of Mug Shots. Even as I'm taking them off the shelf I'm thinking, 'These are going to be horrible,' but I'm not very good at lunches. I like something quick and there are only so many days you can eat ryvita. And they contain less than 2% fat. In fact they probably contain very little of any substance or worth but I'll let you know what they taste like when I've sampled them.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Here we go again

Finally dared to get on the scales after a long absence - illness/unexpected hospitalisation, Christmas, death (not mine obviously), and general winteriness have all combined to help pile on the pounds. So I was quite pleased to discover that I am only 10 st. I say only - I still want to lose half a stone - but I feared it would be a great deal more.

Actually it said 63.8 kg. It's somehow changed its measure and I can't work out how to get back to pounds. I probably could if I had both the manual and my glasses in my hands at the same time but as I seem to have misplaced the book that seems unlikely.

So with paper and pencil in hand I worked out that 63.8 x 2.2 = 140 lbs. More or less. A bit more really but close enough.

It doesn't help that our circuit training class that I've been attending for at least ten years has finished. (I know: you'd expect me to be a lot slimmer and fitter after that.) But, all being well, I shall be organising a gentle fitness class for women after Easter, so I will get a bit of exercise at least. Plus I must try to walk George more. That's something else that went by the wayside over the last hectic months. (I should point out that George has been walked but not much by me.)

And generally be more active! I.e. get off this computer!