Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My Fitbit thinks I've lost weight

Weigh day today. And I found I'm down one pound this week. Actually a bit less than a pound but who's counting? (Actually Rosemary Conley is.) But my Fitbit scores were much better.

73,647 total steps
27,867 more than last week

total floors
total floors
118 floors over last week
total miles
total miles
11.67 miles over last week
avg. daily calorie burn
avg. daily calorie burn
118 cals. over last week
total active minutes
total active minutes
321 min since last week
exercising this week
7 of  5 days
exercising this week
4 days since last week
avg. hrs with 250+ steps
5 of  9 hrs
avg. hrs with 250+ steps
1 hrs lower than last week
avg. resting heart rate
66 bpm
avg. resting heart rate
1 bpm since last week
weight change
3.0 lb
weight loss
same as previous week
You'll notice it says 3.0 lb weight loss. That is what would be the case if I'd eaten fewer than 1,801 calories each day. Obviously I didn't. Especially on Saturday, which was our 39th anniversary and we went out for a meal. A rather yummy meal - though a strange smell in the restaurant - where the dessert on its own would have accounted for more calories than that.

Then there was the bag of hand-picked (not by me but a friend) cherries that was at least six times the size of a portion in the supermarket and the coconut and mango cake I made because the mangoes were going off and had to be used.

But apart from that ...

And I've just noticed that apparently I was exercising for 7 of 5 days last week, which is quite clever of me. (No, I don't really understand what some of the readings mean.)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Why it's not a good idea to weigh twice in a day

After a hot day I showered before dinner last night. The weighing scales was still out in the bathroom so I thought, as a matter of curiosity, that I'd weigh again. BAD decision.

I was another kg heavier! Seriously? How can that be? 

They say you should weigh at the same time each week, which I do, first thing in the morning after weeing but before drinking or eating. It's accepted that your weight changes during the day but which weight is your real weight?

Definitely early morning. Those cherries I ate during the day must have been very heavy.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

I like you roly poly

'Two pounds! How is it possible to gain two pounds in one week?'
'You eat too much,' Husband said.
I scowled at him. 'You're supposed to say the scales are lying.'
'But I like you roly poly. It's sensual and sexy. But I like you slimmer as well because I know that gives you more confidence.' (He's a lovely husband.)

Strictly speaking, according to my Rosemary Conley weigh-in, I have gained 2.5 pounds. Seriously, how is it so easy to gain but so hard to lose?

Then I remember the teacher from the RC slimming class I used to attend saying that fat cells are like balloons. the first time you blow them up it's tricky but each time they're deflated it becomes easier to blow them up again. So really, if you think about it, losing weight makes it easier to get fatter.

Also when you lose weight you need fewer and fewer calories so you have to eat less when you're thin than when you're fat. Which doesn't seem fair at all.

Right, so, proper diet ... no, I really mean it ... starts again today.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The danger of fruit

Lost 1 lb this week taking me just under 10 st. Not sure how that happened but I suppose there haven't been quite as many treats as the previous week. Still nibbling chocolate (on the quiet) but mostly have replaced bad snacks with fruit. Which would be okay if it were possible to eat only 2 cherries. Or one peach. And not one peach, one banana, two slices of water melon and ten cherries (at least).

I tell myself it's good for me to eat fruit but I can't buy grapes as I will eat a whole bag in one sitting.
'It's only fruit,' I tell myself. Husband overhears me.
'It's full of sugar,' he says.
I poke my tongue out at him. And eat just one more grape. One more before I put them aside. Just one more.

But now I've passed the magic 10 stone mark I should/must be focused. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Nearly didn't weigh day

I was very tempted to hide from the scales this week. I felt fat.

Trouble is when I feel fat I get very negative about myself.

And when I get negative I tend to eat.

And when I eat ...

Yes, a vicious circle.

Not doing very well on this diet at all. In fact - unsurprisingly - I put on this week. Probably just over half a pound. (No, I haven't remembered to reset the scales to pounds yet.) 63.8 kg or 140.45 lbs.  Taking me just over 10st again. Almost back to where I started.

Oh phooey.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Oh, groan

I have had so many bad days.

A barbecue on Thursday. Good intentions as always but we all know where they lead.

Friday night, a quick and easy dinner: shop pizza. Meant to just eat half but somehow it just tasted too nice.

Saturday, had two grandchildren for a sleepover and after we'd been to the park we had fish and chips for dinner sitting on the beach. Very enjoyable and I didn't eat any of the chips the grandchildren left over. But still.

Today, currently fighting with the urge to steal a piece of white cooking chocolate.