Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Here we go again

Finally dared to get on the scales after a long absence - illness/unexpected hospitalisation, Christmas, death (not mine obviously), and general winteriness have all combined to help pile on the pounds. So I was quite pleased to discover that I am only 10 st. I say only - I still want to lose half a stone - but I feared it would be a great deal more.

Actually it said 63.8 kg. It's somehow changed its measure and I can't work out how to get back to pounds. I probably could if I had both the manual and my glasses in my hands at the same time but as I seem to have misplaced the book that seems unlikely.

So with paper and pencil in hand I worked out that 63.8 x 2.2 = 140 lbs. More or less. A bit more really but close enough.

It doesn't help that our circuit training class that I've been attending for at least ten years has finished. (I know: you'd expect me to be a lot slimmer and fitter after that.) But, all being well, I shall be organising a gentle fitness class for women after Easter, so I will get a bit of exercise at least. Plus I must try to walk George more. That's something else that went by the wayside over the last hectic months. (I should point out that George has been walked but not much by me.)

And generally be more active! I.e. get off this computer!