Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Nearly didn't weigh day

I was very tempted to hide from the scales this week. I felt fat.

Trouble is when I feel fat I get very negative about myself.

And when I get negative I tend to eat.

And when I eat ...

Yes, a vicious circle.

Not doing very well on this diet at all. In fact - unsurprisingly - I put on this week. Probably just over half a pound. (No, I haven't remembered to reset the scales to pounds yet.) 63.8 kg or 140.45 lbs.  Taking me just over 10st again. Almost back to where I started.

Oh phooey.


  1. The vicious circle perfectly described! I think most of us have been there......unfortunately

  2. Oh dear Liz, I know how you feel, I can be the same. Yesterday was my weigh day, I have two friends who are on this long, long, long journey with me, doing it together sort of keeps us on track. But like you I fall off the wagon very easily, I am scheduled surgery in a couple of months time and it would really benefit me to lose at least 7 pounds although 14 pounds would be better, so that is my goal. I lost 0.5 this last week, it's going to be a slow journey!!

  3. Indeed, we all fall prey to this vicious circle I'm afraid.