Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The danger of fruit

Lost 1 lb this week taking me just under 10 st. Not sure how that happened but I suppose there haven't been quite as many treats as the previous week. Still nibbling chocolate (on the quiet) but mostly have replaced bad snacks with fruit. Which would be okay if it were possible to eat only 2 cherries. Or one peach. And not one peach, one banana, two slices of water melon and ten cherries (at least).

I tell myself it's good for me to eat fruit but I can't buy grapes as I will eat a whole bag in one sitting.
'It's only fruit,' I tell myself. Husband overhears me.
'It's full of sugar,' he says.
I poke my tongue out at him. And eat just one more grape. One more before I put them aside. Just one more.

But now I've passed the magic 10 stone mark I should/must be focused. 


  1. Try freezing the grapes and then eat from frozen. No chewing......they are delicious as they "melt" in your mouth. You might still eat them all but they'll take a lot longer!