Saturday, 2 September 2017

Skip to the loch my Nessie

If ever I needed encouragement to diet this photo of me and the Clyne Ness Monster would surely do it.
I met up with a new potential instructor for the Zac's women's fitness class last week and she was great. I was about to say, 'I should exercise more' when I stopped and said, 'No, I hate the word should.' Hannah, for that is her name, said, 'In the philosophy book I'm reading it suggests changing should for a more positive phrase so you could say, more exercise would do me good.'

She also mentioned that skipping is the best form of aerobic exercise. 'Start small in anything,' Hannah suggested. 'Set yourself a low target and as that becomes easy increase it.'

So I have got out my skipping rope and in so doing have reached my first target. Maybe tomorrow I'll use it.

Of course the skipping Hannah was talking about is the sort you see boxers doing: two feet jumping up at the same time. My skipping is more infant playground based.

But I'm sure that will be almost as good.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog a few days ago and have read it from the beginning. Like so many others I could just substitute my name for yours and the story would be the same. Oh well, at least we try-sporadically!!!

  2. Hello - I thought I should drop-by as you kindly commented on my blog last week.

    I hope you are finding your new excercise helpful. I saw on Instagram that a former work colleague of mine has taken up skipping. She initially reported that it is harder than the 6-year-old her remembered and then a few days ago posted a photo of a skipping-rope related scrape on her arm, which she amusingly described as "skiplash".

  3. Janice, thanks for calling in. How do we change it?!

    Liz, greetings. I haven't actually skipped as yet ... but I am inspired to do so today. I will report back later.