Wednesday, 11 October 2017

What will it be today?

Dieting cartoon, failing to lose weight
Weigh Day Number 2 time is approaching rapidly. I'm not weighing at home and yesterday, in the hospital, when they weighed me I deliberately didn't look. I want it to be a nice surprise. (I have all my fingers and toes crossed.)

I have been even stricter than last week, limiting the amounts I ate and the syns and increasing my intake of speed. I don't feel hungry yet crave chocolate. But I am being very good. GrandDaughter2 was here for lunch today and though she left some tiny pieces of cheese - and how many calories could be in something that small?! - I didn't eat them.

Life is sort of boring though. 

I don't feel any thinner but I hope that's due to bloating. On the other hand I haven't, ahem, been to the toilet for a day or so. Not significantly anyway.

On the plus side, Husband hasn't lost anything this week. Then again that might not be a good sign ...