Monday, 9 October 2017

Viva la Vivofit

Vivofit review
Having worn my Vivofit for a few days now I thought I'd do a quick review of it and compare it with my old Fitbit.

Appearance and fit
My strap is light blue and it looks fine. I wouldn't wear it to a ball but I'm not Cinderella so it's okay. It's a little tricky to do up in the mornings but once it's on I forget it's there. Lots of reviews said the strap was rubbish so I am anticipating buying a new one at some point.

I'll record the settings as they are now on mine.
4:29     Clock

10-8     This was what I thought originally was my heart reading. It occurred to me today in the woods that it was in fact the date. (I should stand for president.)

Heart     Just says Heart because as I explained previously I need to be wearing the chest strap monitor for it to register. It was useful to have a heart monitor inbuilt in the Fitbit but really I only ever looked at it for fun.

12497     Steps taken, indicated by little feet in the left hand corner of the screen. Very little feet. I'll come back to this in a minute.

3406     Goal+ i.e. steps over target. (Note how I subtly let you know that I am well over target steps for today.)

5.07     Judging from the mi written underneath I assume that's miles walked.

1214     Has what appears to be a tiny sickle underneath. It's possibly calories used. I could check but where's the fun in that?

Other stuff
It doesn't light up so you can't see it in the dark, unlike the Fitbit.
It has a battery that is supposed to last for a year; the Fitbit needs recharging every few days. That said it seems that my battery is almost flat. I have written to the seller and asked for a replacement, which has been promised to me. But hasn't arrived yet.

Really the only thing of interest to me is the steps taken, and perhaps the time. That's useful too.

I'm not in training for anything so its accuracy isn't that important. I did an experiment in the woods comparing my count of steps taken with Vivofit's. On one occasion it gave me six more than I thought and on the other one less, but in that case I stopped to let a cyclist pass and that might have confused it - or me.

It seems a little more sensitive to arm movement than the Fitbit so vigorous tooth brushing can add on steps.

I suppose the only real benefit for me of having it is the incentive it provides. Numbers aren't important; it just acts as a reminder to keep moving, to dance while I'm preparing food for example. Which I do anyway.

So I am happy enough with it. At less than half the price of the Fitbit it'll do for me.


  1. I thought you were meant to wear these at night .. Also you newbies at SW who have lost a lot more weight , might I have more to lose .. like they are bigger to start with. #justsaying.

  2. Yes, that's true, Anne. It is easier I am sure for people who need to lose a lot to drop it off quickly initially.