Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Two pounds off

It's better than staying the same; it's definitely better than putting it on. But I have been so good this week a bit more would have been nice. Never mind, it's going down so that's the right way.

weight loss cartoonWhat I really need to do though is to take up drinking so I can give it up. That seems the easiest way to lower calorie intake and lose weight. Or maybe live off takeaways for a bit. 

Starting from the point of having a reasonably healthy diet and not being very over-weight makes it much harder.


  1. I am about 5-6 kegs overweight. I call them my homesick kgs - they go away and then come back again:)
    My GP says yes you are overweight but not obese. One is not good the other is worrying. So looks like 66/67 kgs is ok (for me) ~ Cathy

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. Homesick, yes, that describes them nicely.