Tuesday, 4 July 2017

I must start trying

I say that every Tuesday morning just after I've weighed. 

Sadly my resolve fades at the sight of fresh crunchy bread or cheese or fruit or cake or anything yummy really.

But I've gained again this week. When I lose weight it's never more than a pound and usually only half, so how come when I gain weight I do so in two pound amounts?

I know the answer to this question of course: it's because of the aforementioned lack of resolve and sheer greediness.

I am currently 10st 3lbs (almost). Can you hear me sighing? Especially as I didn't 'feel' fat this week.

Right, now, I'm serious. I want you to hold me to account. If I don't lose weight this coming week then next week I will post a photo of my fat belly. If that isn't an incentive for me to be strong I don't know what is. (And you're probably hoping so too.)

Unlike my weight my Fitbit scores were down. My excuse: I just don't have time! And I forgot to wear it one day.

But enough of these excuses! I WILL do better.


  1. Some days are harder than others, don't be so hard on yourself.. as long as you're aware of what you're eating, the weight will reduce. I wish I was 10st 3lbs!!

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  3. I wish I was 10,3!! I honestly think as long as you are active and eat healthy and indulge in the occasional treat its ok, if my clothes feel right I cut down and take note of what I'm eating (usually it's too many treats!). Don't get obsessed, take care. 😊

  4. Thanks both. I know I'm not excessively large but I am about 1 stone over my recommended weight. And the main thing is to make sure I don't keep creeping up.

  5. I understand I was a few pounds over the max weight for my height, I'd been feeling slow and clunky, I ve lost almost a stone now and feel so much better, what surprises me is how I can qyuye easily gain a pound in a day!! I'm now just more aware of it. Trying to move around more and eat better is my mantra.... It's not very catchy 😉