Wednesday, 1 June 2016

World Best!

Planned to walk to Ripples but ended up walking to Verdi's and back. Felt I deserved ice cream (which took the place of my lunch). The long walk meant I set my own personal FitBit Best record.

It was very warm walking and George needed to cool off. (Why have a photo of George on a diet blog? Because it would be boring without.)

Tuesday Food Diary
Verdi's ice cream - 2 scoops, hazelnut and honeycomb
1 banana
2 glacier fruits
1 peach
2 sausages
baked beans
a few saute potatoes and onions
2 flapjacks

FitBit (at 10.38 pm)
18,463 steps
7.72 miles
2,212 calories

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