Sunday, 5 June 2016

I have a heavy head

Food Diary (Saturday)
1 banana
2 sausages
baked beans
2 oranges
handful grapes

FitBit (at 10.10 pm)
6,732 steps
2.82 miles
1,648 calories

Sunday Weigh-in 3 
141.0 lbs
34.2% fat

Only lost half a pound which is a bit disappointing. I blame the quantity snot up my nose. I have what I think would be called a head cold or a summer cold or a 'I can't believe I'm poorly again' cold. 2016 has been my most unhealthy year for, well, years. So I'm taking it easy today on the grounds that my body needs to concentrate on making me better. (So my step count will be low - I'm warning you and me.)

Food Diary (Sunday)
2 slices braesola
grated cheese
spoonful mayo
1 banana
2 handfuls grapes
M&S dinner for two chicken
peas, carrots and mushrooms
apple pie and ice cream
2 lemonsip and extra honey

FitBit (at 9.33 pm)
2,205 steps
0.92 miles
1,273 calories

Ooh, not good. Least number of calories used and most consumed. Not a good day. Unless you count relaxing, watching The Musketeers and 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy a good day.

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