Friday, 10 June 2016

Convinced my FitBit isn't working properly

Had a lovely long walk this morning - slightly longer than anticipated in fact as the path I'd suggested was closed halfway along because the sea wall, upon which we were walking, had been washed away. But we didn't realise this until we got there and had to retrace our steps and go the way we usually go. Then we walked and walked and walked - and my FitBit still only said 8,000 and something.

At that point we still had to walk to X. And then across the dunes, through the forest, up the hill through the village and to the car park. I was hoping I might set a steps record but it seems unlikely.

Still I'm feeling okay about things at the moment. My weight is going down and more importantly I've retaken control of my eating and, excuse the boasting, I think I look pretty good as I dither over whether to take my first dip of the year. Admittedly, as I said to Husband, bathing costumes sort of sleekify the blippy bits.

How long that feeling good feeling will last is another thing but I'll enjoy it while I can. As I enjoyed the cheese and onion pastie I had for a late lunch at the end of the walk in Llanmadoc Community Shop. All the pasties are made by local people and I just wish I had their knack with pastry. But I didn't have cake as well, a decision that surprised, and probably slightly disappointed, Husband who'd said, 'I'll have cake if you do.'

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