Saturday, 28 May 2016

Why I'm not speaking to my FitBit

Must add my Food Diary for today before I accidentally 'forget' some of it. A bad day as we had barbecue with daughter and family and they'd been to the cinema and brought some popcorn home with them. And the children had pizza for lunch. Neither of which should affect my diary ...

Food Diary
Weetabix (so far so good)
2 bites of pizza
small bowl leftover chicken curry
half an apple leftover by GrandSon2
2 handfuls popcorn
about 10 cherry tomatoes
1 mini falafel
I arancini
ultimate beef burger
3 slices cheese
spoonful fried onion
spoonful coleslaw
Diet coke
NO bread! Not as much as I would have eaten normally so good on that front.

I am not speaking to my FitBit. We took the grandchildren to the Marina for a walk this morning and then this afternoon I took GrandDaughter2 out in her pushchair for a walk. Coming back I thought, 'I must have nearly reached 10,000 steps,' but on looking at FitBit I discovered I'd only done 7,789. I carried on walking but counting my steps and when I'd done 100 I checked FitBit again: 7,818.

So according to FitBit I'd taken 70 fewer steps than I'd actually done! I blame it on the fact that I was pushing the pushchair so my arm wasn't swinging: it's possible to fool FitBit by just swinging your arm back and for without taking any steps.

So by my reckoning if that was the way it was working, in the afternoon, I must have actually walked about an another 4,000 steps. But I won't include those in my total. I won't lower myself to those levels. Not just yet anyway.

It's weigh day tomorrow so we'll see what we shall see.

FitBit (at 6.51 pm)
11,896 steps
4.97 miles
1,816 calories

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