Tuesday, 24 May 2016

In which my resolve is tested

Uncle took us for lunch today before we went to an apartment viewing. I had decided before we went that I would have Caesar salad - but it wasn't on the menu. Nothing really healthy was so I settled for risotto. Yes, I shouldn't have eaten the garlic ciabatta but on the plus side I said no to dessert. Even though Uncle and Husband had it! Kudos to me.

And I had to have the 'free' salad bowl - because it was there - but resisted the coleslaw and potato salad although I did have one dollop of dressing.

Food Diary
2 weetabix etc
1 banana
mushroom risotto
garlic ciabatta
date flapjack
1 banana

FitBit (at 7.10 pm)
12,526 steps
5.24 miles
1750 Calories

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