Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Danger Day 1

GrandChildren with us for tea so that meant fighting the urge to eat leftover pizza - or even crusts. More or less stood firm and only ate 2 of the Giant Buttons they had for a treat.

My strength of will is partly due to the ulcer I have on the side of my tongue, making eating - and talking - painful. An aside: have you ever tried catching your tongue to put bonjela on it? Don't bother.

Not much exercise today plus my FitBit needed charging mid-day so poor scores but not too bad eating wise.

Food Diary
2 weetabix
1 murray mint
left-over roast veg and cheese
2 buttons
a few Cheerios
tiny bit of pizza cheese and crust
stir fry veg
stir fry prawns

FitBit (at 10.07 pm)
3,170 steps
1.33 miles
1,420 calories

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