Monday, 23 May 2016

Only day 2 and already I've lied

Well, not so much lied as omitted something. Nothing big, quite small actually. Small white cubes. Of sugar. I ate two yesterday.

I was reminded because I just ate two when I was ironing.

But how bad can two little sugar lumps be? Hang on ... 24 calories bad. (Thank you, google.) Which doesn't sound much does it? Really?

Yes, I know crunching sugar cubes is bad not only for my weight but my teeth and my diabetes risk I expect. And lying not counting them in my food diary is even worse. Okay, okay, I'll add them.

I bought them before Christmas for Uncle's 90th birthday tea party. I thought sugar cubes added a bit of class. (Proper posh, y'know.) And very few people took sugar with the result that I have three quarters of a box still in my pantry. I can't waste them. I could crush them all down I suppose. I wouldn't be tempted to eat a spoonful of sugar.

But I'm not alone. I met a friend in a coffee shop last week and though neither of us took sugar we still managed to chomp our way through half a sugar bowl's worth of cubes.

Now the Old Me would have said, 'I deserve a reward for my honesty: have a sugar cube,' but the New Me walks away, determinedly. With only a fleeting regretful glance.

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