Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Weigh-in 4

-0.2 kg = not enough to get excited about. 

It doesn't help that I somehow managed to mess up my weight record on Rosemary Conley so that it's not even counting the 2 lbs I lost initially. 

Ah well, I am officially less than 10st. Only by about 3ozs but still I'm there before we go on holiday on Thursday. A week of eating a lot and not doing much will send me shooting back up I'm sure. Isn't it unfair how quickly weight goes on compared with how slowly it comes off?

On the plus side, yesterday in fitness class in the YM I was watching myself in the mirrors that line the walls. 'Hey, I'm looking pretty good,' I thought.

Obviously the thought won't linger for long as when I sit down and my tummy cuddles up with my boobs I soon remember.

It hasn't been a good week though as I've already gone into the holiday mind frame and I'm using oil to cook - well it makes things taste better than the spray oil - and not being sparing with my plate when I dish up. 

But again, on the plus side, I didn't add cheese to my dinner last night even though Husband who thought my sweet potato, spinach and chickpea bake was bland, brought it to the table.

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