Saturday, 27 May 2017

One good day ...

doth not for a holiday make up.

I had to keep telling myself that as I wandered around Sainsburys this morning. They do it on purpose, I'm sure they do. They have special offers on all the things I love: Maltesers, Cadburys Fingers and bars of chocolate. I could easily have rewarded myself for having a good diet day but I was resolute. Are you proud of me?

I took advantage of coming home to an empty fridge and scrubbed the shelves after throwing out all the things that were past their best so now I have a clean uncrowded fridge with nothing yummy in it. Well, plenty of yummy things if you count salad and ... um ... stuff.

I always keep bars of chocolate in the house for when I get an urge to cook but if Husband knows there is chocolate in the house he won't give up until he finds it. Which means not only do I have to hide all the chocolate but I have to keep changing the hiding places.

Younger Son and Nuora have been staying to look after George while we've been away, and I'd previously foolishly let Younger Son see the current location. Last night, after my good day, I might just have happened to have had a chocolate whim and cast a cursory glance in the secret hiding place.

And it was EMPTY!!!

I have learned my lesson; in future I trust no-one with the secret chocolate knowledge.

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