Sunday, 7 May 2017

And this week's failures

Thursday was okayish. I think. A little teeny piece of chocolate may have come my way, possibly. Friday too. Oh, no, wait.

Friday I had lunch at Daughter's and she'd made a yummy pea and pecorino quiche and bread. Would have been rude not to eat it.

Saturday we were invited to younger Son and Nuora's for dinner. Delicious Chinese chicken and stir fried veg and noodles. Plus a slice of the cake I was trying out.
White chocolate and blueberry with a cheesecake topping. Hardly any calories really.

Today was going well ... until I realised the dish I'd planned - and was trying for the first time - would be much too small for Husband's appetite so i had to make chips as well. I just had to. But I didn't eat many. Not really.

Think I will have to accept the fact that I won't lose weight this week. 

Must try harder. Holidays in ten days.


  1. The road to the next size up is paved with chocolate ...

  2. Perhaps I should get that engraved on a magnet and put it on the fridge!