Friday, 12 May 2017

Two very bad days!

A family barbecue and a party so have eaten far too much of the wrong stuff! 

Back to seriousness today. But that got off to a bad start when I discovered we didn't have enough milk for my weetabix so had to have toast and marmalade. But I didn't have a thick layer of butter ...

I'll get some milk and have weetabix for lunch. And as we don't have any food left in the house dinner will be meagre. that's the plan anyway.


  1. Hi Liz, I have started to follow your blog because like you I am trying to lose weight, and have failed these last few days because we have moved to Suffolk and you have to have fish and chips the night you move, that's traditional! BBQ yesterday with DS and his GF who brought with them puds. It would have been very rude not to eat them!! I shall be popping back to see how you are progressing.

  2. Suddenly realised if you look up my blog you'll get my crafty one.. this is my alterative blog