Friday, 5 January 2018

Make like a frog and croak - or groan in my case

As expected I had gained one and a half pounds at weigh-in. Since then I've eaten the bulk - Husband ate a few - of a large box of Maltesers. I have two boxes left but I hereby resolve not to open those until I reach my target weight. 

I'm only two and a half pounds off it but those last few pounds are proving to be most difficult. Can I do it by next Wednesday? Almost certainly ... not. My weight loss has been steady rather than spectacular. If I lose a pound in a week I'm pleased. But we shall see.

Will I be determined enough? Or will my will power weaken when I get peckish/bored/depressed?

My first exercise class - I had to leave the Slimming World session early to get there on time - was flipping hard work. It's a Legs, Bums and Tums class and, because most of the regulars are students and not back at college yet, I was the only participant.

The last thing Husband said to me before I set off for class was, 'Don't overdo it now,' bearing in mind I had an operation before Christmas. But you know what it's like: it's just you and the teacher and you don't want to be put to shame so you try to keep up and overdo it. (Not that I could keep up with the lunges; I kept wobbling over.)

One of the exercises for the glutes (bum to you and me) is this frog exercise. Lie flat, feet together and legs apart - as the doctor says when about to do an internal exam, 'Just let your knees flop out,' then lift and lower, lift and lower.
It looks obscene and is hard to do. But this exercise is just impossible.
If you can get your knees that high above the floor I salute you!

Today every action is painful.

If I just sit here I'm fine but ask me to move, walk, go up stairs or, worst of all, pick something up from the floor, 'Do I have to? Could it just stay on the floor for a few days? I'll pick it up on Sunday.'

Fiddle, I've just noticed three Maltesers on my desk. Do I:
a) throw them away;
b) give them to Husband;
c) save them for the grandchildren;
d) eat them myself?

Answers on a postcard - or in the Comments - please.

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