Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Day 3 beginning with Day 2's FAIL

I was weak. I ate a piece of birthday cake. Incidentally one man asked how I managed to make cake so light and another said it was the best sponge cake he'd ever had. (That may be an exaggeration; he might have said best sponge he'd had for ages.) But it was only a small piece.

Today ... um, 3 smarties plus some bits of meringue when I was making dinner. Making dinner is one of my worst times of day. I always feel the need to pick at food when I'm cooking. Not necessarily the raw food I'm preparing but maybe a small lump of cheese  and, yes, I know there's no such thing as a small lump of cheese, or a handful of crunchy nut flakes. Or two handfuls. 

Oh yes, and I tried my first Mug Shot today, the cheese and broccoli one. It was surprisingly edible. But not much of it.

Thinking about food a lot.

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