Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Day 1 FAIL!

But it wasn't my fault! (So said every would-be slimmer ever.)

But it really wasn't. 

I decided to make the Rosemary Conley recipe of the week, which was salmon with watercress sauce - except I didn't have watercress - and the photo on the website showed it served with potatoes. So I assumed, naturally enough I think, that I could eat potatoes with it.

Turned out, when I read the recipe properly, I was supposed to have a green salad with it, not potatoes. But it was too late then; I'd already cooked , well, bought the potatoes so I was committed. 

And it didn't taste as bad as I expected.

Day 2 and the plus is that, after spending most of the day hunched over my computer, I took myself and George off for a walk. It was George's second of the day and he was none too impressed.

Day 2 and the negative is that I made birthday cake and some of the smarties just happened to jump into my mouth. And I have to try and resist eating any this evening. 

I'm not really following an online slimming plan but remembering what I did previously when I went to RC classes. The first two weeks are pretty strict; I think it's an attempt to shock my body into reacting by shedding pounds. 

Also although I'm using this Flora spray oil (1 spray = 3 calories) I suspect their idea of a spray is slightly shorter than mine.

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