Tuesday 9 April 2019

Ice cream for lunch is the answer - whatever the question

Coming back from holiday I was dreading weigh-in yesterday so discovering I had only put on one pound was a relief.

And as I'd only lost one pound since starting five weeks ago I'm back to the beginning again. But I had a very good holiday, eating lots of buffet breakfast and dinner, and having ice cream for lunch so mustn't grumble.
best ice cream in Fuerteventure

The first few days I ate like a woman who'd been on a diet forever: loads of bread and butter for breakfast and bits of everything. Then Husband commented, 'You're eating a lot of cheese on this holiday,' to which I replied, 'That's because I'm not allowed to.'

I think that was my wake-up call. From then on I tried to resist cheese and bread - not entirely successfully - and generally tried to be more sensible, while not depriving myself at any point. And the fact that I only put on a pound suggests this was a good move. 

We had virtually no exercise on holiday - apart from walking to the ice cream shop - so I'm trying to get back into that again now. Will be going to gentle fitness as usual tomorrow and yesterday I did my first zumba class. Definite disadvantage not being able to tell right from left quickly but I feel more at home than I did with the boxercise so I shall try to persevere.

I have even shopped sensibly this week and tried to plan meals in advance. (Polishes her halo.) But Elder Son and family will be here at the weekend for a few days so eating might be haywire then. 

Tuesday 26 March 2019

When the calories don't count

Just found this post that I thought I'd already posted but had, apparently, left in Draft. So I'm not sure whether this will be in the right chronological order.

Diet has gone to pot this week.

Son-in-law's 40th birthday on Wednesday meant creamy pavlova followed by feta and spinach pie. 

Then yesterday,I had ice cream with a friend in Verdi's. A big hazelnut basket sundae. 

On Sunday it's Granddaughter3's christening so there will be more food and cake.

This afternoon Husband asked me if I wanted to go on holiday to Fuerteventure in the Canary Islands. His main concern was that we'll be staying on a half board basis - eat as much as you like breakfast and dinner. 'Will you be okay with that on a diet?'

Seriously? Like I'm going to diet on holiday? 

Second weigh-in

Stayed the same and that is fine by me as I had a really bad - or good depending how you look at it - week with a birthday celebration, ice cream with a friend, and a christening lunch party.

Also I've not started zumba yet as I was poorly last week and decided not to bother going last night as I'm on holiday next week. So I will definitely start the Monday I return, which is about 8th April I think.

Yesterday Husband said, 'Shall we pack our gym things?' 
The hotel has a gym. It also has a lovely relaxing spa and sunbeds. 
'You can,' I said. 'I won't have room. I'm packing books.'

I think he decided against.

Also found out that, as I'm on the countdown programme, I can't have next week off i.e. I still have to pay for it.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Weigh in

Lost one pound. Not amazing but at least my weight went down.

My plan to go to zumba last night was abandoned because the cold I was fighting off a couple of weeks ago - and which I thought had gone - came back and I felt pathetic. Overnight I've gone from sniffle to sore throat to tickly cough. 

Today I'm not ill as such, just not at my peak. (Which was about thirty years ago.)

Onward and upwards - or hopefully downwards.

Monday 18 March 2019

Just how special is Uncle Ben's rice?

Breakfast and dinner times are fine on Slimming World but I struggle at lunchtimes, trying to think of things to have that isn't salad. Chilli beetroot and tomatoes are my go to and, while I very much enjoy them, there is a limit how much one can eat. Or how often.

So browsing in Sainsburys last time I picked up a packet of Uncle Ben's Special Savoury Chicken Flavoured Rice. It seemed like a quick option. Dug it out of the cupboard today and checked the number of syns. Three. So not too bad. 

I heated it up and before I'd tasted it I was put off by the smell. Now I do have a nose problem so it might not have been entirely the fault of the rice so I took a taste. Oh yuck. Seriously? 

So that's three syns I've saved. Although I still haven't solved the lunchtime problem. We're having baked potatoes for dinner so I don't really want one now as well. Baked beans? But what sort of speed food (basically most fruit and veg except potato) do you have with baked beans?

Uck, I can still smell it and I'm in a different room.

Weigh-in tonight so perhaps I'll just eat fruit for lunch.

Thursday 14 March 2019

Starting again

Rejoined Slimming World.

Can't decide if it's a victory or a defeat.Victory in that I'm hoping to take control of my eating again; defeat because I can't do it without some sort of outside help.

So starting weight (in clothes): 10 st.
Target weight (in clothes): 9 st. 

On the plus side, after two weeks off, I'm back in gentle fitness. I would have been in boxercise tonight as well but my partner can't make it. Realistically I think boxercise is too much for me. My partner, though she's young, has all sorts of joint problems following a very serious accident a number of years ago, so we're both happy to potter along at no great speed, but when I thought about going on my own tonight I realised what a burden I would be to any other partner.

I have investigated (just now) and I'm going to try out a zumba class next Monday evening. I'm writing that on here to keep me to it.

I love music and dancing and I think the class will be a better range of ages and abilities than the high-powered boxing group. And not as professional looking as this group I hope.
If all else fails apparently there is a zumba gold option - for old people - available too.

P.S. For the first time ever today my hairdresser gave me biscuits with my cup of tea. I didn't eat them.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Boxing my way out of a fat situation

Had made up my mind not to weigh again this morning then when I got up and went to the toilet I thought, 'I might as well face the horror. Get it over with. At least then I'll know where I'm starting from.'

Now normally on a Tuesday morning Husband gets up and weighs before I go into the bathroom and he leaves the scales out for me. This morning, he forgot to weigh so the bathroom floor was empty of scales. 

'Hm,' I said to myself. 'I could get the scales out ... or not.'

I didn't.

Next week is soon enough.

I am back in gentle fitness class now and this Thursday I'm starting ... wait for it ... boxercise.

I'll report back afterwards.