Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Boxing my way out of a fat situation

Had made up my mind not to weigh again this morning then when I got up and went to the toilet I thought, 'I might as well face the horror. Get it over with. At least then I'll know where I'm starting from.'

Now normally on a Tuesday morning Husband gets up and weighs before I go into the bathroom and he leaves the scales out for me. This morning, he forgot to weigh so the bathroom floor was empty of scales. 

'Hm,' I said to myself. 'I could get the scales out ... or not.'

I didn't.

Next week is soon enough.

I am back in gentle fitness class now and this Thursday I'm starting ... wait for it ... boxercise.

I'll report back afterwards.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

A belated Christmas card?

Happy New Year!

Haven't weighed. Refuse to start 2019 being depressed while I have enjoyed myself so much over the holiday.

A day or so ago I received what looked like a late card. Addressed to me - rather than Mr & Mrs - and in a pretty gold envelope. Ooh, I thought, this looks interesting.

It was an invite to rejoin Slimming World.

Good marketing ploy but it went straight in the bin.

How about you? How's your weight doing?

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Better not go out in this!

Two weeks' combined losses add up to .6 kg. That equals - hang on while I find out ... 1.3 lbs. Hm, not brilliant but better than an increase and it takes me to 9.5 stone. But my Christmas dress is looking extra-mini, indecent in fact.
Perhaps I'd better stick to cover-all jumpers and jeans over the festive season!

Today I'm off out for Christmas lunch with a group of women. Then there's just Christmas itself to get through. (Get through in a slimming sense that is; I LOVE Christmas!) So New Year new resolutions.

Hope you have a very jolly and wonderful time however you celebrate. See you next year.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

uh uh, not today, thank you

Not weighing today. Husband's birthday weekend celebrations have taken their toll. He has gained 3 lbs. 

No way am I getting on those scales. But I still live in hope of having a (mini) dress for Christmas even if I have to go bare-footed.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Any weight loss is better than gain

I plucked up my courage to get back on the scales this week and it wasn't too bad: 60.9 kg. That equates to roughly 9st 8lbs.

Last time I weighed I was 61.3 kg. (I really must find out how to change the settings on my scales to imperial.) That's 9st 9lbs.

If I'm being accurate it's slightly less than 1 lb (.9)  I've lost but I'll colour in 2 blobs in expectation of doing better next week. (Although it is Husband's birthday.)

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Feeling fat, fat, fat

So that's two Tuesdays that I've not weighed. 

It was my birthday the Monday before last and the after-choc-shocks are still happening - or were until yesterday when I finished it all. (Except two boxes of Maltesers that I am trying very hard to keep hidden and not eat yet.)

Feeling fat and podgy and didn't want to experience the horror of a reality check so stayed away from the scales today again. 

Next week it WILL be different. It had better be otherwise my Christmas dress will be indecent.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Not getting away with things

The trouble with me - can you tell that I haven't done very well? - is that I think I can get away with things.

Like crisps. I'm not eating a whole packet. No, just handfuls of a family size packet.

Fruit doesn't count. It's allowed. It's good for me. I can eat a whole tub of grapes.

I only eat sweeties in the car so they don't count.

And so on.

Which is why I've only lost barely half a pound this week. I decided to be generous with my decimal placings allowing me to colour in one blob on my Christmas dress. At this rate it will be a very mini dress. (I'm starting with the boobs to ensure some bits of me are covered at least.)